Our Services

Accounting Service Company

A Brief Introduction to Our Firm

Euneke Winarjo Registered public accountant is a service company that grew to provide assistance especially in the fields of auditing since its establishment in 2005 by Euneke Winarjo. The Firm is supported by a team of professionals with a comprehensive range of expertise and experience in the above fields. Though a relatively young company, the Firm has demonstrated proven ability to represent clients with competence and assurance of required results.

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Our Vision and Mission Statements


  • To be acknowledge as the reliable, honest public accountant by providing best possible professional services for our clients.


  • To provide high quality professional services with integrity to help and support our clients achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.
  • To transfer knowledge and know-how with respect to our clients’ current and future needs and expectations.
  • To match our clients’ needs and expectations, and current rules, regulations and standards pertaining to the business

To grow alongside our clients


  • Our firm is committed to completing your work as expeditiously as possible at a fair and reasonable cost for the quality of services rendered. However that is not our only aim. The firm understands that client services involves the method and speed of service delivery as well as the content of work product. Our goal with our professional services is for client satisfaction and client improvement and development. We look forward to working with you to achieve the results you want. We try to understand Your Business Needs, knowing and understanding the business needs and the unique issues and challenges facing by your business. Your business concerns are important to us, as they may directly influence the direction, emphasis and methodology of our service.
  • You can trust us to keep your data and information CONFIDENTIAL from other outside party.
  • The timely expected deliverables will be respond to your needs.
  • Regular communication and consultation with your management team. This ensures no surprises. All issues are discussed and resolved as our service progress on an ongoing basis during the work. We also recognize the importance of management involvement at each stage of our engagement.

An Overview of Our Services


  • Auditing / Public Accountant Services Our team  are an independent auditor dedicated to reveal the truth and fairness of financial statements. To provide best possible services, the Firm provides routine training and development to refresh technical knowledge and skill and sharpen competency when dealing with new issues in business and regulatory financial laws.
  • Our services help our clients identify the correct figure accepted by IFRS (PSAK). We also provide services that help our clients minimize misleading information by presenting financial reports based on PSAK or the managerial accounting

We realized that the sound company will affect a lot of accompanying people around it’s not only the owner, employee but the whole part in the circumstances

Accounting Services

  • To ease you of your worries with your accounting staff or keeping track of your accounts, Our team provide accounting compilation services in addition to solutions in the areas of additional systems, special financial and accounting reviews, and internal control review. Furthermore, we employ reliable accounting software to minimize cost and energy.

Management Consultant

“Mismanage” could be the most critical problem in your company. We could help you give a lot appropriate advice to handle your management problem. We could help you in strategic consultancy, business risk analysis and consultancy, corporate governance assistance and assessment, investment strategy and mediation, corporate communication and marketing strategy, project management, organizational restructuring, human resource management consultancy and analysis, job placement and valuation, recruitment and motivational training

Tax Consultant

You can trust our experts to keep you data confidential. Where tax is concerned, we understand this is especially important.
We are able to create customized tax planning for your company or shareholder added value to minimize business expenditures. We also provide assistance in compilation and lodging of tax returns as well as preparation of corporate income tax, employee income tax, value added tax and land and building tax.
For clients confused with their tax case, we are able to work with you to understand the tax regulations relating to the case. Other services offered by the Firm include tax diagnostic review, assistance in dealing with tax agreed upon procedures, etc

Internal Audit Services

Without the good internal control company could have born a lot of cost due to unexpected fraud or management mistakes or error. A lot of company put their last entrenchment in the internal audit team.

Our professional experience team  could help you, with reasonable cost compare to the company risk, to detect what’s going wrong in your company, weak or fraudulent information systems and control and could give the straight and appropriate recommendation for your management. Our aim is to minimize as much as possible fraud, mistakes or error in your company.

Other Financial Advisory Services

As business conditions are ever changing, financial strategies should be crafted to capture and deliver returns in spite of economic ups and downs.  We  provides financial advisory services to create strategies that will enable our clients to survive every phase of the economic cycle.

The Firm is well practiced in working with multifunctional teams to deliver maximum shareholder value. Our professionals are specialized in areas such as loan strategy workouts feasibility study, projection review, loan and debtor review, debt restructuring,etc.. Furthermore, we provide assistance in developing standard operating procedures for operations, finances and accounting as well as creating policy and procedure manuals to improve management and minimize business risks.

Our Team

  • specializing in auditing services for clients in the various industry, contractor, manufacturing especially textile, garment, plywood, energy, and footwear companies, mining etc, . Euneke also has an in-depth work experience with a variety of service and trading companies, She is also a seasoned expert in corporate structuring, financing and tax planning.
  • As the Firm’s Lead Registered Public Accountant Euneke began her career in auditing at KPMG Indonesia before working at a holding group of multinational companies as Internal Audit Manager. Euneke received her Bachelor degree in Accounting from Padjadjaran University in 1995, and obtained her BAP(Indonesian CPA) in 1998.

Specializing in auditing services for various clients in the manufacturing, banking, building, oil and electric, contractors, pulp and paper industry, printing, airport authority, seaport authority.  Healso has an in depth work experience with a variety of service and trading companies.

More than ten years experienced at KPMG Indonesia and Grant Thronton Indonesia, before working at Euneke Winarjo registered public accountant, sharpening his ability in various kind of auditing assignment. He received his bachelor degree in accounting from Trisakty University in 1988


Our team consists of variety person with different skill and experience according to the degree of responsibility and required workload.  The team is supervised by the professionals who has yearly experienced as the accountant or auditor. All of the team has been trained regularly to improve their ability continuously.